Patapaa thrills fans at TV3 Music Music


Patrons of TV3’s ‘Music Music’ were treated to an exciting, adrenaline-pumping performance by Pataapa.

Fans thronged the stage as the ‘One Corner’ hit maker thrilled the audience with his famous song, displaying their ‘One Corner’ dance moves.

Arguably, the song titled ‘One Corner’ by Patapaa is the biggest song currently in the clubs and on the streets.

The song is accompanied by a dance that sometimes requires that one secludes one’s self in a corner and perform a sexually stimulating dance.

‘One Corner’ has created a craze that has seen a number of Ghanaian celebrities’ record videos of themselves enjoying the song.

A new dance craze has caught up with the people of Swedru in the Central Region.

The dance which stemmed from a song from a rising artist known as Patapaa drove patrons “mad” recently at the Swedru Akwambo festival.

Both young and old have since been mesmerized by the One Corner fever as they take turns to show off their skills.

Watch the video below: