Coded Gives Thanks To God On One Year Anniversary Of Surviving Harrowing Accident


Exactly a year ago, 4X4 member Russell Avornyo, aka Coded, was in a harrowing accident which left him hospitalized for a few weeks.

A year on, Coded is giving thanks to God for surviving the accident and regaining all bodily functions and continuing his career.

Writing his thanksgiving message on social media, Avornyo thanked God for saving him, noting he would have died but God had other plans for him.

“Exactly a year today this happened, a year ago i would have met my maker. My story would have ended on tragic note but God had other plans for me.” he wrote.

“I don’t know what i did right because i am not different or more special than those who have lost their lives through accidents but He choose to favour me that day and i will forever be grateful.”

Coded acknowledged all the great messages of support he received following news of the accident and expressed gratitude for it.

Check out full message below…





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